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Weldon Irvine - Time Capsule EP 10"

Weldon Irvine - Time Capsule EP 10"

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Pressing JP
Condition Brand New
Black Vinyl
Released by P-Vine

★First complete limited production
★World's first 10-inch reissue
★With obi
★With download card

Legendary pianist-composer Weldon Ervin, known as an outlier in the jazz and crossover scene in the 70's and revered as a god since the 90's, with NYC hip-hop artists such as Mos Def and Q-TIP looking up to him as their teacher. Weldon Ervin is a legendary pianist-composer who is revered as a god. This is his second solo album and a 10" cut of an important song from the rare 70's jazz classic, "Time Capsule"!

A 10" EP analog cut of a key track from Weldon's masterpiece, "Time Capsule"! The A-side features two versions of "Deja Vu," a rare groove classic that has also been covered by Nobukazu Takemura's project SPIRITUAL VIBES, one original version and one short version. The spacey tones of the electric piano and tricky soloing are perfectly synchronized with Weldon's philosophical and introspective lyrics and simple vocals. Although the song is quite outlandish, the exquisite balance is genius, making it one of the most popular songs in his oeuvre. The short version of the song has been edited down to about 5 minutes, leaving out the vocals, electric piano solo, and drum break, making it more DJ-friendly. B1 "Feelin' Mellow" is a high quality soul number co-written and performed with Johnny King of the FATBACK BAND. Heartwarming throughout, the song is a masterpiece that reflects the gentle, loving feelings of Weldon, who wrote the lyrics, rather than his more eccentric side, while B2, "Watergate-Don't Bug Me!" is over seven minutes of freaky funk. Weldon was Nina Simone's resident pianist from the late 60's, and later emerged on the NYC jazz scene, but his avant-garde creations forced him to go into debt to produce his own music. However, due to his avant-garde creations, he was forced to go into debt and produce his own music. Although they left three masterpieces to major labels, the creative world of this album, which is the other side of TimeCapsule and is famous as a symbol of heresy, is a one-and-only work with a sense of badness that reminds us of the same alternative and avant-garde smell of the 70s, like that of CAN and Velvet Underground. The work. Among them, "Deja Vu", "Feelin' Mellow" and "Watergate-Don't Bug Me!", which triggered his reappraisal, are now available on 10"!

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