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V.A. - Re KJM (Kyoto Jazz Massive tribute) 2LP

V.A. - Re KJM (Kyoto Jazz Massive tribute) 2LP

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Released by Especial Distribution
Black Vinyl

Kyoto Jazz Massive is made up of two brothers Shuya and Yoshihiro Okino, who are based in Kyoto, Japan. Their style of broken beat, downtempo, deep house and electrojazz is essential.

RE:KJM is a compilation of tribute tracks and was released on Quality! Records in 2004.

1) Cosmic Village - Mind Expansions 4:46
2) Yukihiro Fukutomi - Deep In Your Mind 7:00
3) Jazztronik - Shine 10:59
4) Monday Michiru - A Calmaria (Sailing Into The Unknown Version) 9:40
5) Sleep Walker - Eclipse 8:56
6) DJ Mitsu The Beats - Spireedom 2004 4:46
7) Toshio Matsuura Group - Behind The Shadow 9:10
8) Electric Sheep - The Brightness Of These Days 6:57
9) Breath - Stargazer 7:03
10) Aurora - Nacer Do Sol 6:14 (Note: this track was incorrectly titled 'Nacel Do Sol' on the original release)

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