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Pressing JP
Condition Brand New
Black Vinyl
Released by P-Vine

★First limited edition
★With obi
★World's first record
★Patel Pink Vinyl

Now, alternative pop unit Uchu Nekoko, which is attracting attention not only from indie fans in Japan but also from overseas, has released their debut album "Daily Foam" in 2016, which was produced with guests such as Lovely Summer-chan, Irie Yo, and lulu. Uchu Nekoko became loved by indie/shoegaze listeners around the world after being selected on Seattle radio station KEXP.

Their debut album "Daily Foam" features Lovely Summer-chan as a guest, and expresses the title song "Daily Foam" which expresses the floating feeling of shoegaze and noise while also being catchy enough to reach J-POP fans, the bittersweet indie pop with a sense of speed "Divine Hammer", "Online Love" which exudes a unique mood of the post-net generation reminiscent of the theory of relativity, which itoken, the drummer of this album, belonged to, and "Glass no Niji" which fuses J-POP and dream pop, making it a work that can be enjoyed by shoegaze listeners and J-POP fans alike.

This long-awaited record version of "Hibi no Awa" has been released!! The artwork by illustrator Oshima Tomoko, who has worked closely with the band on all of their previous artwork, is even more impressive in record size!

Uchu Nekoko is an alternative pop unit consisting of Nemuko Yamanaka (G.Key) and Kano (Vo.Key). The jacket illustration is by Oshima Tomoko. They attracted attention with their 8cm single "Uchu Nekoko to Lovely Summer-chan" produced in collaboration with Lovely Summer-chan, and debuted in 2016 with the album "Hibi no Awa". The songs from their album "Kimi no Yo ni Ikeretara" released in 2019 were aired on KEXP in the US, and in recent years their songs have been introduced on Snail Mail's Instagram Stories, attracting attention from overseas.

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