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Specifics - Lonely City

Specifics - Lonely City

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Pressing JP
Condition Brand New
Black Vinyl
Released by P-Vine Records

★First complete limited edition
★with obi

The debut album Lonely City, released in 2004, by the Montreal, Canada unit Specifix, widely known to jazzy hip-hop fans worldwide for their participation in Nujabes-related productions!The long-awaited re-issue of the limited-edition analogue version, which was difficult to obtain due to its high price, is now available in a new 2-CD obi version with a Japanese CD cover that pays homage to the popular Nujabes. Includes the classic "Under The Hood"!

He is widely known around the world, including Nujabes-Hyde Out fans and jazzy hip-hop fans, for his participation in the compilation 'modal soul classics by Nujabes' (2008) and the tribute album 'modal soul classics II -dedicated to...' (2010) released after Nujabes had passed away. (2010), the debut album "Lonely City" was released in 2004 by the Montreal, Canada-based unit Specifix, who are widely known worldwide amongst Nujabes, Hyde Out and jazzy hip-hop fans for their participation in the Nujabes and Hyde Out albums. Lonely City". The album's limited edition pressing meant that it was hard to find, but now it's available again in a long-awaited re-issue as a two-disc set with obi, using the popular Japanese CD jacket. Includes the classic "Under The Hood", also featured on "modal soul classics by Nujabes"!

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