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Sakoto Shibata - Ganbare! Melody 2LP

Sakoto Shibata - Ganbare! Melody 2LP

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Black Vinyl
Released by P-Vine

Satoko Shibata's 2019 masterpiece, the long-awaited analog LP decision! A self-produced album that faces her song head-on. Satoko Shibata's unique arrangement, which is kneaded with her own band, inFIRE, is full of sounds that shine everywhere. Introducing a 45-turn 2-disc set that emphasizes sound quality and a W jacket specification.

Singer-songwriter Satoko Shibata's face! Super pop, super catchy good melody with the strongest sound. Her new album "Do your best! "Melody", all 13 songs without any regrets!

Participating musicians are Itoken (Dr.), Shinobu Kawai (B.), Takuro Okada (G.), Ramiko (Cho.) And others. Yoichi Miyazaki, who was in charge of engineering the songs produced by Kururi and Shigeru Kishida, participated fully in the previous work "Do You Need a Rest from Love", centered on the best and strongest musicians who have accumulated live performances as a band form "Satoko Shibata in FIRE". Other wonderful guest musicians also participated.

A self-produced album since her 2nd album "Ijiwaru Zenshu". If the freshness that exposes the 2nd stripped body was a masterpiece that generously presented the "core of individuality" of Satoko Shibata, this work is a work as it is without leaving the music that is ringing in the head. It can be said that Satoko Shibata, who has sublimated as a musician, is the "total talent".

Machine beat became Shibata's blood after "Holiday of Love" and "Wankoro Meter", and Shibata's sound producer got water by being firmly set aside by super strong band members. In the obtained fish state. As a result, the intensity of the sound has increased dramatically, and it has become something that can be said to be "this is the sound of a singer!". Among the powerful sounds, Satoko Shibata always keeps her presence most in a place that cannot be reached with her half-hearted songs and melodies. Album title "Do your best! "Melody" is like the ale that Satoko Shibata sent to herself.

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