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High Sunn - welcome to life

High Sunn - welcome to life

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Condition Brand New
Black Vinyl
Released by P-Vine Records

★First limited edition
★With obi
★Exclusive Vinyl 

Nostalgia sunk in alternative bedroom pop. High Sunn, an artist from San Francisco who started recording at home at the age of 14 and loves Japanese culture, has released a new album "welcome to life" including a song with RAY's Yua Uchiyama as a guest! High Sunn is

a project by Justin Cheromiah, who is based in the Bay Area. He started making music at home at the age of 14 and is an artist who produces various sounds such as alternative, indie pop, and shoegaze in each work, centered on his favorite bedroom style. High Sunn has already released many albums from various labels such as Spirit Goth, PMKSLM, and Galaxy Train. This time, High Sunn will team up with P-VINE for the first time to release the album "welcome to life". Justin, who loves Japanese culture such as anime and music, is a big fan of Suga Azusa (April Blue / ex. For Tracy Hyde), who wrote the lyrics for the album. The album features a duet with Yua Uchiyama, a member of the idol group RAY, which operates under the concept of "overwhelming soloism," as well as the fourth track "remove b4 it's too late," which is connected to Japanese rock from the late 90s to early 00s, and the sixth track "end of our paradise," which is connected to US indie from the 2010s. This noisy lullaby depicts dreams and longings, and includes 10 tracks in total. Written under the concept of "I wanted to write a song about how the sky I'm looking up at looks like to me right now," the emotional and nostalgic bedroom alternative pop is the most human of High Sunn's discography to date, and is beautifully straightforward and catchy at the same time.

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