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Black Moon - Enta Da Stage (Picture Disc)

Black Moon - Enta Da Stage (Picture Disc)

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Pressing JP
Condition Brand New
Black Vinyl
Released by P-Vine Records

★First complete limited edition
★2-disc picture vinyl version

Boot Camp Click's rapid ascent began here! Enta Da Stage" by Black Moon, one of the classics of Early 90s NY hardcore and the first ever 2-CD set of "Enta Da Stage" by Da Beat Miners, filled with too heavy bass lines, intense flow, and a sweltering smokiness that samples jazz and funk. The world's first 2-disc picture vinyl version of Black Moon's "Enta Da Stage" is now available in analog!

Black Moon from Brooklyn, NY, a trio consisting of 2 MCs (Buckshot and Five Foot) and producer Evil Dee of the Beatminers, released their first album in 1993, and it is an unquestionable classic! Black Moon made a strong debut as the first artist on Wreck Records, a new hip-hop label established by NervousRecords in New York City. With "Who Got The Props?", "Buck 'Em Down", and "How Many MC's" at the top of the list, Buckshot's hard-hitting flow and the rough and shiny blackness of Beatminers' Evil Dee & MR. The heavy bass hits you deep in the gut!

In addition to the 14 tracks on the original CD version, two additional bonus tracks, including the 12-inch version of "Buck Em Down (Da Beatminerz Remix)," are included for a total of 16 tracks, and the album is now available in the world's first 2-disc picture vinyl analog version!

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