We are excited to announce that our Tote Bag Promo is leveled up and back!


Starting January 15 2021, you will be given a Brightly Sticker Card that you can fill-up to keep track of the number of records you bought from us. Once filled with a total of seven stickers (1 Title = 1 Sticker), you will get a free BRIGHTLY CANVAS TOTE BAG of your choice, 3 designs to choose from.



Our Brightly tote bags are made of thick canvas so it can handle your heavy groceries, art materials, or even your film camera. It is also spacious enough to fit more than 10 records when visiting a friend for a listening party, and vinyl printed with iconic graphics to keep you stylish.

The White variant's print is a straight appropriation of the “fragile” sticker in our packaging, it is also the most relatable of the three designs. The Black version is a “heavy metal logo” rendition of our brand name, a more sinister and aggressive tone. While the Grey one was inspired by the song “I know The End” by Phoebe Bridgers. It gives off a less serious take on the Apocalypse, which we think is what we all need right now.

* CDs are not included on this promotion.

This promotion will run for 6 months so no need to rush! Last day to avail is July 15, 2021



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