• Top 10 Albums of 2021 - Off the Radar Edition

    Part of the joy in collecting records is discovering new music, and pushing your system to its limits by listening to different genres. So we deci...
  • Brightly Records Top 10 New Releases of 2021

    2021 has been the extension of the insane 2020. Despite all the troublesome craziness of this year, it has been generous in giving us great album ...
  • Brightly Deep Cuts : Lost Rough Gems

    So what is a ‘deep cut’? Deep cuts are songs that are less successful commercially or most of the time not radio-friendly. They are less played songs, usually located deep in an album (hence “deep cuts”).

    Starting January 15 2021, you will be given a Brightly Sticker Card that you can fill-up to keep track of the number of records you bought from us.