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Ohayou Twintail - Kiraboshi

Ohayou Twintail - Kiraboshi

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Pressing JP
Condition Brand New Sealed
Black Vinyl
Released by P-Vine

"●Debut album
●Limited edition LP"

With there being an idol group to capture the imagination of just about every genre, Ohayou Twintail have city-pop lovers covered with this eclectic set of adventurous basslines, 80s synthesizers and angelic vocal harmonies. The core three member group formed in 2014 with Sayonara Ponytail’s team producing their songs, and have over the years released a number of hit singles from the disco-inspired “Yomei 365-nichino Pony” to the high-octane Japanese pop delight “Sekai ni Chime ga Narihibiku”. Kiraboshi is the long awaited debut album from the group, and a celebration of their star-crossing journey thus far. P-VINE is delighted to be pressing a limited run of the album on LP format with its anime-pleasing artwork. Fans of Tatsuro Yamashita and Taeko Ohnuki should not miss out!

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