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Lesssugar - Internet Teenage Lover

Lesssugar - Internet Teenage Lover

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Pressing JP
Condition Brand New
Peach Vinyl
Released by P-Vine Records

★First limited edition
★With obi
★Japan Exclusive Opaque Peach Vinyl
★Physical exclusive bonus track "WRWM" included
★People who live in Thailand, please order vinyl directly from the band.

The debut album "internet teenage lover" by Thai indie pop supernova Lesssugär is now available in physical form for the first time in the world! Definitely an "Asian newcomer" that will attract attention worldwide!

Lesssugär is an indie pop band formed in 2022. The three members Jay, Den, and Patrick, who were in a band called The Birthday Party in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand, continued to search for a vocalist who would perfectly fit their desire to add a female vocal to the sound they created, and met Fang, and Lesssugär's activities began. The

debut album "internet teenage lover", completed by members based in Ubon, Chiang Mai, and Bangkok, is a work that conforms to their concept of "delivering various types of music to audiences not only in Thailand and Asia but all over the world".

Lesssugär became the most noteworthy indie pop band in the Asian indie scene with the release of their debut single "Stay Away Go!", which was released at the end of 2022 and is also included in this work. It's a catchy, shocking and perfect debut song that reminds me of when Alvvays appeared on the scene in 2014 with "Archie, Marry Me" and when Fazerdaze released "Lucky Girl" in 2017 and indie listeners fell in love with it all at once. The sound is based on dream pop and shoegaze, and on top of that, colorful guitar phrases and bedroom-style beats sound. And above all, it's a best song with a pop melody and Fang's catchy vocals dancing cutely.

Looking at "internet teenage lover" as a whole, it is a work that features a bedroom-style sound that is well balanced with dream pop, shoegaze and indie pop. This album includes songs ranging from catchy songs such as "trynafindyou" with its beautiful whisper voice that can be heard faintly from the smoke, "wanna get hurt" reminiscent of the 2010s Captured Tracks scene, and even the dreamy and downer shoegaze song "kate" in the style of Slowdive, to dark and brilliant shoegaze songs that bring back fantastical flashbacks of past memories like a slideshow. They

will surely be a band that will take flight from Asia to the world.

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