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C418 - Minecraft Volume Alpha Green Vinyl Edition

C418 - Minecraft Volume Alpha Green Vinyl Edition

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Pressing CZ
Condition Brand New
Asphalt Vinyl
Released by Ghostly International

Limited to 500 copies

The vinyl version contains twelve tracks! "Minecraft - Volume Alpha" is the work of German composer and musician Daniel Rosenfeld. Under his stage name C418, Rosenfeld created the sweeping soundtrack and vibrant sound design that brought the voxel-based universe of "Minecraft" to life. Fans and critics alike were blown away by his beatless, balanced electro pieces across the board. Popular gaming site Kotaku listed the soundtrack among its "Best Game Music" of 2011, calling the music "impressively soothing," while The Guardian compared Rosenfeld's fragile pieces of piano and minimalist ambient to legendary artists Erik Satie and Brian ENO. In an interview, Polygon distilled "Volume Alpha" down to its essence: "The soundtrack is not tied to the retro aesthetic of Minecraft graphics. The soundtrack overrides them. The album is an attempt to translate the combined game/music experience into something heavenly."

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